We believe God has given Evangelistic Temple a few specific areas to focus on.


First and foremost, it is the gospel – the greatest news that has ever been announced to man, about what God has done through Jesus Christ and what that means for us. We believe that the Gospel isn’t something you start off with for salvation and then move on to something else. It is essential for every part of our Christian walk. There are so many nuggets of treasure we get to find, the more we explore the Gospel, and what we believe about it affects everything. Just as everything in the Bible point to the Gospel, we want everything we do at ET to do the same. The more we talk about it and announce it, the more we truly start to believe it. We believe that this is very important, because people always live out and act upon what we really believe. So, the first thing we are about at ET is believing in the Gospel.


Once someone puts their trust in Jesus being their only hope for being right with God, they immediately belong to God’s family. A desire to belong is something God wired into all of us. When God said in Genesis 1:26, “Let Us make man in Our image”, He was referring to Himself in plural form, because God has always existed in perfect relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He created us to be relational beings as well, reflecting the very nature of His own existence. We believe that being a Christian isn’t about merely coming to church once a week to sing some songs and listen to a sermon. It is mostly about relationships – belonging to a family of believers who can be real with one another and are there for each other no matter what. Even though we are a large church, we strive to maintain a sense of ‘family’ in everything we do. Deep, meaningful relationships are essential to our Christian growth and spiritual maturity. We don’t just want people to come to church – we want them to belong to a family.


Jesus brought the Kingdom of God to earth and showed us how it operates. We now have the privilege and ability to do what He did, having been given His Spirit to live inside of us. Right before He ascended back to the Father, the last thing He said to His followers was, “Go and make disciples.” We believe God’s Kingdom is built one person at a time. Again, it is all about relationships. Building God’s Kingdom is done by announcing the good news of the Gospel and coming alongside those who believe it, helping them grow in their faith, getting to know Jesus more. Followers of Jesus have been given the mandate and the incredible privilege to disciple others who will then be able to disciple someone else. This is how God’s Kingdom is built.


This 3-point vision of what we are about is also a process. It is reflective of one’s own growth. Believing the Gospel marks the beginning of one’s relationship with Jesus. Belonging to a family of believers enables them to grow in spiritual maturity. The more one grows and gets to know Jesus, the more they can’t help but share Him with others.


We try to facilitate this growth at ET through different opportunities of involvement. Sunday morning worship has the biggest attendance. It is here the good news is announced ever week. We encourage those who come on Sundays to get involved in one of our Wednesday night classes. It is there they have a greater opportunity to get to know others in the church. Some great relationships in our church started in a Wednesday night class.


Being involved in smaller groups outside of Sunday morning worship gives people a greater sense of belonging, but our life group ministry is where real discipleship happens. Life groups are made up of between 8-12 people who meet in one another’s homes on days that work best for that group. It is here where people have a chance to be real with one another and develop relationships can’t really happen in a large group setting. We encourage everyone who wants to be a part of ET to get involved in a life group.


So, this is what we are about as a church - the Gospel…Relationships…Discipleship. Everything we do is based on the vision God has given us. There are many different programs we can implement and different things we can involve ourselves with as a church, but if it doesn’t line up with one of these three things, we feel like it would be a waste of resources. We believe it is important to stay on task and faithful to what God has called us to. We want our vision to be simple and clear so that everyone can be on the same page.