Coronavirus Update


Latest Update for Sunday

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the situation changes daily as new information comes. We’re having to stay on our toes keeping up with it all. The church will still be open for both services this Sunday but we are implementing a few changes from the last update. We will still be seating people every other row in order to keep a 6 foot distance between groups of around 10. If the main sanctuary gets maxed out, people will be directed to the fellowship hall for overflow where the service will be broadcast live. The change we have decided to make is to no longer have Sunday school classes this week. The transition from first service to Sunday school and then to the second service just creates too much opportunity for excessive congregation. During that time we will be cleaning and disinfecting the place in order for the next group to come for the second service. If you come to the 8:30 service we could use some help with this. It’s a great opportunity to serve others by helping us operate in a safe manner.


We are also asking everyone to avoid physical contact. I know it’s hard for us not to express our affection for one another when we are together, but we should respect those who don’t want to be touched during this time. We know that not everyone will agree with what we are doing. Some will think it’s excessive, others will think it’s not enough, but we are asking for grace and patience with all of this. We are also working on plans that would allow us to maintain community, even in the event that we decide to close the building next week. Details of that will be given Sunday. Keep checking the church website and our Facebook page for more updates, as we try to keep up with the situation.

The church staff has been working hard on developing a plan to deal with the current situation. In addition to the meetings we have had together, we have also been in contact with city officials as well. Based on the current recommendations here is what we will do for this coming Sunday.
The church will be open Sunday for regular services, but there are some things we are putting in place to comply with CDC recommendations. Limiting groups to no more than 10 people means those groups can still be in the same building, but no closer than 6 feet apart. So here are a few things we are asking: If you are coming to church Sunday, those who normally go to the 10:45 service, we are asking that you go to the 8:30 service, if you are able. We would like to spread the attendance more evenly between those services. We will seat people every other row in order to maintain groups of 10 being 6 feet apart. Any spill-over will be directed to the fellowship hall first, and then the youth building if needed.
We will broadcast the entire service live in those areas. If you have been anywhere out of the state this week that included an airport or any location where you were in a large crowd, we are asking you to please stay home and tune into the live broadcast on our Facebook page. If you are coming to the church, please take the normal precautions, like washing your hands.
Sunday school classes will still be held, and those with more than 10 in attendance will have to adjust accordingly.
Wednesday night classes will still be held but no meal before. The women’s class will meet in the Fellowship Hall where they can be separated at tables. The Believe class will then be in W6.
The thing we have to guard against even more than the spread of the virus is the fear of it. We use common sense but ultimately our trust and our hope are in the God we belong to, who is not shaken by this one bit. He is working in this whole situation to fulfill His purposes for His people. We have been given a great opportunity to live during an unprecedented time in recent history. It’s time for the Church to shine, not shut down. It’s an incredible opportunity for the gospel!