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Beauty For Ashes
Beauty for Ashes is a ministry for women who have had abortions in their past. Our mission is to help women find the path to healing by leading them through an interactive 8 week Bible study known as Surrendering the Secret. With compassion and understanding, women will be encouraged and supported as they allow God to heal their hurting hearts. In 2009 it was reported that over 55 million abortions had  been performed in our nation since its legalization in 1973. Reports indicate that one out of three women have  had an abortion in the past. Many women who have had an abortion experience symptoms of post abortion trauma such as repressed memories, guilt, anger, shame and depression. If you have never shared or been counseled regarding your abortion experience, it may be affecting your current quality of life. Surrendering the Secret offers a safe place to talk with women who understand.
Care And Share
Care and Share is a ministry of Evangelistic Temple that helps prepare food for families with illness, funerals, new babies, etc. We prepare the food, and then deliver it to the family in need for periods of time ranging for a day or two, to a a full week, depending on the specific need. If you know of anyone that has a need of this kind, please contact Linda Barnett at 903-729-5552. If you would like to be a part of this ministry by preparing food, serving, or delivering, please call and sign up to be a part of this vital ministry. Care and Share has helped numerous families in their times of need, and we hope to continue to be able to offer this support. But we can't do it without you. Call today!
Is your family looking for a fun, safe, and exciting environment for your children to learn about the Word of God? At Evangelistic Temple, ministering to children is a priority. Jesus said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. (Mat. 19:14)
We genuinely believe that the best place to learn about the love and power of Jesus Christ is in the home. Because of this, our goal is to help you by providing creative ways for you to engage on a spiritual level with your children throughout the week through at home devotionals, activities and open parent/ leader communication. We are committed to reinforcing what is already being provided to them in the home with consistency, love and a focus on the Gospel. Our classes are divided into age groups for the best quality learning experience. Your child will experience God's love from our caring staff, interact with other children, and learn life-changing lessons.
Your Child's Safety
The safety of your children is one of our top priorities which is why have gone above and beyond to ensure that Evangelistic Temple Children’s Ministry is a secure place to learn including:
•    As you drop your child off, you are assigned a number card that must be presented at the time of pick up.
•    A criminal history and sex offender report has been run on all leaders and volunteers.
•    All classrooms 0-5 years have at least one leader and one volunteer so that your child is never left alone with one person.
•    Video monitoring cameras have been placed in each classroom.
Classes 0-5 years
Little Lambs Nursery (0-18 months)
At Evangelistic Temple we believe that it is never too  Early to start hearing the gospel. That is why our nursery leader and our volunteers make sure that aside  from the feedings, the changings and the playing, that they are talking to our little lambs about their  shepherd, Jesus. Our nursery leader, Elaine, has been loving on our babies for over 12 years and continues to share the love of Jesus through everything she does.
The Farm (18 months-3 years)
Keeping in line with what is being taught in the nursery, the 2 year old class aims to expand on biblical truths. Lessons will be simple but purposeful with a heavy emphasis on the gospel of Christ.  With age appropriate activities, worship music, creative hands on learning and gospel centered curriculum, our toddlers are fully saturated with Christ’s love from the time they come into class until the time they leave.
Noah's Ark (3 years-4 years)
As your children enter the 3 year old class, they Are transitioning into our Gospel Story Curriculum which they will be taught from through the 5th grade. It is a journey through the bible, excitedly learning each story through the lens of the gospel and how they all point to Jesus. They will participate in centered playtime with their peers, snack, story time, worship and themed games to help inspire the love of Jesus to come alive in their hearts. We want to make this time one of the highlights of their week.
Jonah's Room (4 years - 5 years)
The Jonah room is amazing. Although it is a period of intentional preparation to help transition children into family worship, there is plenty of time for creativity and play. We treasure this age, where they are so eager to learn about Jesus and so full of faith. We purpose to not only educate them but also to truly open their eyes to see their value in the kingdom of God. Our prayer is that a passion for Christ has been seeded and rooted in their hearts as they transition into family worship in the first grade.
Classrooms 1st-6th grade
Sunday School
Mrs. Regina ,the leader of this class, has a passion for the bible. It is her heart to see every child fall in love with God’s word. She heavily emphasizes the power of the word through scripture memorization and helps them feel comfortable navigating the bible. This class is a blessing to the ministry.
Favored SS class is geared towards the older kids in our department. Although they continue to learn from the Gospel Story Curriculum, it is presented in a way that is discipling them and preparing them for the transition into the youth group. The truth and power of the gospel reveals to us the magnitude of God’s favor on us and just how much we are loved.
Kids Zone (1st-5th grade)
Kids Zone is the place to be on Wednesday nights! We usually get started about 6:30 with a “How was your week?” share time then move on to worship and prayer. We are learning from the Gospel Story Curriculum, which is an amazing journey through God’s word. Each lesson is told through the lens of the gospel pointing out Jesus in each story. The lesson is supported with themed games, snacks, crafts and object lessons. We’d love to see you in Kids Zone!
Special Activities and Programs
Embrace Women's Ministries
Women's Embrace ministry is designed for women to walk along side each other - to lift up, encourage and disciple one another - knowing that our trust is always in the Lord.  Our desire is to embrace and envelop all women as family.


The three ministry leaders of Embrace, through much prayer, coordinate and plan different activities throughout the year to bring women together in fellowship, fun and Bible studies.  There are nine different ministries within Women's Embrace so there are many ways for women to get involved if they wish.  Whether a woman can get involved or not, we encourage each woman to come and participate and get to know the women in this church!  We are all family and have been blessed by the women within the ET family!  As the Lord brings change and new life to our church body, He is doing the same in our women's ministry!

Life Groups
Our life group ministry provides a way for church members to connect with each other on a deeper level than you can get just gathering for worship on Sunday morning. These groups are made up of 10-15 people who meet on a regular basis in one another’s homes for fellowship and ministry. We share our struggles and victories together, pray for one another, and commit to being there for each other whenever needed. Life Groups offer a way for us to make the big church, small. They allow us a place to be real and honest with other believers who will encourage us, hold us accountable, and walk with us as we do life together.

Men’s Ministry










The Vision of the Men’s Ministry at Evangelistic Temple is for men grow in their

relationship with Jesus and consistently honor Him through every area of their lives.

Our mission is to develop Biblically-grounded men of faith who:

- Follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and lead their families by His Word.

- Support the leadership of ET and be a source of strength to the entire church.

- Unite men in Bible study, prayer, ministry, fellowship and accountability.

- Reach out to men in the community with the Gospel.

- Serve the church and community with other men using their personal gifts and

abilities for the Kingdom of God.

Activities and events throughout the year include the following:

- Men Bible Study/Prayer every week

- Men gatherings every six weeks – breakfast, etc.

- Men outreaches throughout each month

(Bus ministry, Construction , Visitation, Event, Mentor, Security, etc.)

We thank God for the men of this church and the example that is set for up and coming generations of young men.

Being a family-integrated church means that everyone is involved in being a Godly, adult influence in the lives of the children in our church. We have many children who’s parents don’t come to church. We have many who come from single-parent homes, many who don’t have the presence of a father in their life. All throughout God’s word we see that He has a huge heart for the orphan and the fatherless. We are His hands and feet to reach out to them and meet what is lacking.
Our mentoring ministry is designed to connect these children with Godly adults. Those who sign up for the program are paired up with one of these children. There is no major investment of time required, no dramatic life adjustment needed in order to be a mentor. It can be as involved as you want it to be.
The basic involvement may include but is not limited to:
• Connecting with the child at church, maybe inviting him/her to sit with you during service.
• Inviting a child to take part in a recreational activity such as fishing, hunting, going to a ball game, etc.
• Attending a function the child may be involved in such as sports, drama, music, etc.
• Inviting the child to accompany you just in running errands around town.
• Inviting the child to supper or to hang out at home with the rest of the family
• Sending letters/cards of encouragement to the child. • Calling the child during the week just to see how he/she is doing.
• Staying in communication with the parent, partnering with them in meeting the child’s needs.
• Committing to praying for that child on a regular basis. Mentors must recognize that they are not taking the place of a parent, but they are meeting some needs in child’s life that an absent parent may be failing to.
Mentors are just loving on a child who needs it, encouraging them and showing them what it means to live out one’s faith on a practical level.
There is also an opportunity to support this ministry without being personally involved. We realize that some people are just unable to make this sort of investment, but may have resources that can help. For instance, you may have a place a mentor can bring their child to go fishing. Maybe you have land where mentors and children can ride horses, four-wheelers, or spend some other recreational time on. You can also invest financially by giving specifically to the program, so that other mentors can use those funds to do these types of things.
If you have been blessed with resources that can be used as an eternal investment in the life of a child, or you would like to be involved as a mentor, contact the church office to get signed up at 903-729-2863.
International Missions
Below is a list of some of the international missions efforts through which Evangelistic Temple is privileged to work:
Iglesia Bautista Cristo Viene, Hermosillo, Sonora Mx. Pastor Hector Mendoza 
Hearts in Action, Jungle School, Petan Guatemala
ET Orphanage South India, Pastor Ruth  
Belize - Samuels House, Dino Roseland
ET Kenya - Elijah Kariuki
Operation Christmas Child - Carol Harris
Local Missions
Below is a list of some of the local outreaches and ministries through which Evangelistic Temple is privileged to serve our community:
The Gideon's
The Salvation Army
Living Alternatives
Teen Challenge
Rock Bottom Ranch
Build a Bed
Pleasant Hills Children's Home
The Stockpot
Court Dr. Food Pantry  
Hope Station
Missions Director:
Freddie Pryor
Here at Evangelistic Temple we strive to offer a worship experience that will touch the hearts of all who participate. We serve our community with two services. Our 8:30 service on Sunday mornings is a traditional hymn service, and our 10:45 Sunday morning service is a contemporary worship service. We believe that music and the arts are tools that are to be used wisely to assist others in their worship. In all of our services, we offer state-of-the-art multi-media and visual presentations.
Whether you are stirred by those good old hymns or you are more geared towards current worship choruses, here at Evangelistic Temple there is a place for you. We believe that all instruments can be an asset in the worship experience. We utilize piano, keyboards, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, drums and other accent instruments to enhance our worship. We know that the music and instruments are just tools to assist the real worship, that being the overflow of the hearts of the worshippers!
Darren Goodman 
Prayer Chain
The prayer chain is one of the most important ministries of Evangelistic Temple. It is a way to initiate the prayers of the members of the church on behalf of those in need of prayer, in a matter of minutes. If you have a prayer request that you would like to bring to the prayer chain, please call the church office at 903-729-2863. We will then send out your prayer request through our broadcast text system to all prayer warriors on our prayer chain. Many prayers will be offered up on your behalf:
Senior's Fellowship
Come join our Senior Adult fellowship group. They meet every fourth Thursday of the month at 11:30 a.m., and occasionally throughout the year at 6PM. You can check the church calendar for specific dates. This meeting consists of a wonderful lunch of homemade goodies (please feel free to bring a covered dish or dessert to share, if you are able) and a special program geared toward senior adult needs, or a special music program. It is a time of sharing around the table in Christian fellowship.
There is also a time of prayer asking God to meet the needs of the church and the fellowship group. We have a network that keeps the group informed of needs in our senior adults, and they work together as a support group to each other. You are invited to join us each month and fellowship with us. We would love to see you there!
t ET Youth Ministries, we are passionate about pointing young people to the Cross of Christ, and discipling them as they grow in their faith, and learn to walk according to the Spirit that lives in them.  Our main focus is always to exalt Jesus Christ and His completed work accomplished at Calvary, and to teach and exemplify the "abundant life" that is available to us because of that work. 
We are a student-centered, adult-guided ministry with a vision to put responsibility and ownership into the hands of each student that walks through our doors.  Students are encouraged to ask hard questions, dig for answers, and wrestle with the very core of their faith, believing that this kind of process allows the Holy Spirit to firmly root us in our faith -- so that we not only know what we believe, but why we believe it.