Sunday School
9:45 (for all ages)

Class No.                       Class Name                       
Brides/Prayer                          Women's                                   
W-3 & W-4                              Couples                                  

W-5                                         Bible                                           

W-6                                         Supernatural Living

S-2                                          Fellowship Class (Adult)    

Fellowship Hall                       Seekers

Youth Building                         High School

Youth Building                         Jr. High

Kids' Service
Nursery & classes are provided up to age 5.
Children over 5 are part of our Family Integrated Services.

Wednesday Nights
From September through May we have a wide variety of different classes on Wednesday nights that deal with different topics, and how they are affected by the Gospel. There are classes for men only, women only, men and women; classes that might deal with certain books of the Bible or different issues of life. These classes are designed to help us grow deeper in our knowledge of Christ, His Word, and our relationships with one another.
During the summer, we change things up and do things different. Usually, we will offer only one or two different classes that include a greater portion of the church body. We will also gather together for nights of testimony and/or night just of prayer.
Wednesday Night Classes for Fall 2021 are as follows
B3-Believe – Led by pastor Jason, this class is designed to help build community and get everyone on the same page about understanding our purpose, as a church here at ET. The first half is spent learning how to ‘unlock the Bible’ – reading all of God’s Word through the lens of the gospel. After that we learn what it means to truly be a gospel-centered church, we then take a deep dive into the grace of God, and then wrap it up talking about what gospel-centered prayer looks like. This class is the first of a series of classes that build on one another. After taking the Believe class, those who attended will then plug into the Belong/ Build class. The Believe class will meet in the Fellowship Hall.

B3-Belong/ Build – Led by Pastor Danny, this class focuses more on everyone learning how to find their place in the Body. No church should be a ‘one-man show’ or even one where the paid staff does the majority of ministry. Jesus designed His Body on earth to be something each part plays a vital role in. If you belong to this church family, there is a reason for it. God has given you something that this church needs, and so discovering what that is in important for all of us. This class will be meeting in the main sanctuary

Women's Class Ardently His – Led by Leah Vintila, this is a class for women, going through the book of the Song of Solomon through the lens of the gospel, which gives is an understanding of the love God has for us in a deep way. This will be the second half of the class that began last semester, but you if you didn’t attend the first half, you will not be lost. Newcomers will still learn a lot and are encouraged to come. This class will meet in room W3.

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University-Led by Joe Fife, this class goes through the popular Dave Ramsey course that has helped many people get control of their finances in a way that honors the Lord

Women's Class- We Saved You a Seat – Led by Jennifer DeFreece and Davi Ingram, this is another women’s class, focusing on the importance of developing and maintaining healthy adult friendships. Our culture today tends to keep most relationships at an acquaintance level, but God designed us to go deeper than that. But how do you do it with all the busy-ness of life? That and other questions will be addressed here. Meeting in room W6

Men's Class - Letters to the Church – Facilitated by Jimmy Chambers, this is a men’s class that will be going through the popular book by Francis Chan, where he challenges the concept of what a church is supposed to be. Are we operating as the kind of church Jesus expects to find when He returns for us? If not, what do we need to do in order to become that? Meeting in room W1.

Prayer– In between semesters when we were not having classes, we have used Wednesday nights as an opportunity to come together just to pray. These have been some rich times doing that. Some have enjoyed it so much they wanted to continue it and not stop just to have the classes, so we are going to continue to offer that opportunity.  This will be facilitated by Kathy Marlow, so if you are interested in joining other believers for a time of prayer, this group will be meeting in the foyer of the church