Sunday School

9:45 (for all ages)

Class No.                       Class Name                       Lesson

Brides/Prayer                          Women's                                     Isaiah

W-3 & W-4                              Couples                                      Journey Vol. 3 

W-5                                        Bible                                           Hebrews

W-6                                        Supernatural Living

S-2                                         Fellowship Class (Adult)    

Fellowship Hall                        Seekers

Youth Building                          High School

Youth Building                         Jr. High


Kids' Service

Nursery & classes are provided up to age 5.

Children over 5 are part of our Family Integrated Services.


Wednesday Nights

From September through May we have a wide variety of different classes on Wednesday nights that deal with different topics, and how they are affected by the Gospel. There are classes for men only, women only, men and women; classes that might deal with certain books of the Bible or different issues of life. These classes are designed to help us grow deeper in our knowledge of Christ, His Word, and our relationships with one another.


During the summer, we change things up and do things different. Usually, we will offer only one or two different classes that include a greater portion of the church body. We will also gather together for nights of testimony and/or night just of prayer.


Wednesday Night Classes going on right now are


"B-3 BELIEVE" (First)


"B-3 BELONG" (Second)


"In the Grip of Grace" (Women's Class)

"Crazy Love" (Men's Class)

"Grief Share"